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Fuzzy Bear Press is an independent publishing company, founded in 2021. It is home to the Little Lamb Shenanigans story and its impending sequels.

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Ed Pacheco

Ed Pacheco is a Dad, Husband, and Entrepreneur. The idea of his first children’s book “Little Lamb Shenanigans” started about 20 years ago while tucking his children into bed. His youngest daughter, recently completing elementary school prompted him to finish his work.

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Little Lamb Shenanigans

“Little Lamb Shenanigans” is a story about a young girl who struggles to get to bed each evening. She learns along the way how to solve her problem, with a little help from her family.

This sweet story focuses on a common theme for many families; getting the kids to bed! It explores family traditions and how families help one another. This story would make a wonderful and ultimately fun bedtime story. Perhaps it would help you create your own family tradition.

This story is heartwarming and will make you smile. I would truly recommend this story if you have little ones in your life who need a bit of help reaching slumberland!

Robin Kolbeck, M. Ed.

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